Indigo textile: more tech, fewer natural resources

Indigo textile will be at the Denim PV show next 28th and 29th May in Milan.  Here, a presentation of their three new collections: Beyond, Blu and Photon.


To celebrate self-love in all shapes, sizes, body types and more, Indigo Textile is launching an exclusive collection at the Denim PV show in Milan. BEYOND is a fabric collection specifically designed to cater to the needs of plus-size clothing. These fabrics feature extreme stretches, with ultimate retention and adequate strength to keep the body in shape.


BLU is a collection of pure denim and part of the Blue Book Project at Indigo Textile. BLU does not only focus on the sustainability of denim through its materials, but also through processing – the way the product is responsibly manufactured. The main idea of this collection is to provide as many options as possible to our customers to convert their existing product range into a more responsible one by opting for single or multiple solutions provided in the Blu collection.

In terms of raw material, Indigo Textile offers organic cotton and recycled cotton solutions. Indigo will present the new sustainable raw materials below at the Denim PV show in Milan, products which represent a continuity of their more sustainable developments.

  • Soybean Protein Fiber
  • Recycled Polyamide
  • LYCRA® T400® EcoMade
  • COOLMAX® EcoMade

The photon collection: The Future of Denim

The impact of technology has created an easier way of life, and denim is no exception to that. There are constant advancements in denim fabrics and garment manufacturing, which are evolving with an enhanced sense of responsibility to environment and cost. The main advantage of automation and technology in denim is a control over repeat processing.

However, one of the areas of denim washing that heavily depends on workers’ individual skill sets is dry processing, the manual process of distressing jeans to give them a worn-out look. The whole job is laborious and can take up to 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the garment’s required look. In addition to the time constraint, the inconsistency of replication is also a major concern.

Laser Automation is a perfect solution to this problem, but the kind of expectations associated with laser in denim processing are still not met. The major issues related to laser processing are:

  • The need for manual touch-ups to finish the job.
  • In order to acquire more brightness, a high intensity of the laser is required, which creates strength issues in garments.
  • The use of laser boosting chemicals to get the desired results.

Researchers at Indigo Textile have found a solution to the above-cited laser-processing  issues issues. The solution is simple and starts with choosing the right base fabric. In order to attain an ideal outcome in laser processing, the base fabric has to be designed in such a way that it withstands the entire process. Indigo Textile will be launching THE PHOTON COLLECTION at Denim by PV Milan.

To discover Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd’s collection, join us on 28th and 29th May in Milan.

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