Lavasser launches his A20W21 collection

Lavasser Garment & Finishing Company, based in Morocco since 1993, is a BSCI certified member dedicated to Full Pack in the jeanswear market for the European and American markets.

The Lavasser Garment & Finishing Company will be at the Denim Première Vision show this May 28-29, 2019. Discover a preview of their new sustainable collection.

The company is presenting three proposals for its A20W21 collection.


The main goal of this collection is to achieve a low environmental impact.

Fabric bases use only recycled fibres, together with the most modern washing and dyeing processes.

Innovative formulations using 100% biodegradable chemicals and processes targeting low water and energy consumption.

With water reuse, the company attains an approximately 80% reduction in water and energy consumption when compared with traditional processes, along with the elimination of conventional washing processes and chemicals such as pumice stone, potassium permanganate, sodium metabisulfite, sodium hypochlorite, among others.

The green1




Originality and lots of creativity make this the trendiest theme of the collection.

Small details that make a big difference, inspired by the old Japanese-heritage jeans. Combining these with various technological and chemical processes make this theme the most naturalistic one.

In fact, 100% cotton fabric bases in loose fits convey an authentic and customised look, expressing character and the trends.



The old becomes new is this theme’s working basis.

Reusing raw materials in new finishes, recycling accessories, reinventing wash and dye processes all give rise to a contemporary collection.

Lavasser uses its 30-year know-how, all of it recorded in its former catalogues and collections. Its formulations are an inspiration to many designers.



If you are interested by this collection, join them at Denim Première Vision next May 28-29 2019 in Milan.

Get more information about Lavasser here.

Don’t forget to check out the show’s programme.

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