Let Evlox introduces its e-tech campaign: Bionim!

Evlox, a company that’s been making denim since 1846, was at the Denim Première Vision show last December 5th and 6th in London.

During the show, visitors discovered the new Bionim e-tech campaign.
Take a look at the new campaign here.


Bionim by Evlox

High-tech denim fabrics that move with you, breathe with you and live with you.

Fitting  in with who you are and what your daily needs are.

That’s what Bionim by Evlox offers. Bionim is technology on your skin.

Bionim’s properties

X-frost: To keep you fresh and comfortable. Temperature control, efficient ventilation

X-hard: High tenacity denim. High resistance, 25% stronger

X-wave: Stay cool, dry and comfortable. Comfortable for longer, fast drying, highly breathable

X-energy: Energy from the inside out. Promotes muscular performance

X-deo: Frees you from bacteria & odours. Anti-odour, increased freshness

X-burn: To keep you warmer. Superior thermal insulation, deodorizing effect

X-dry: Water repellent


> Interested in this collection and want more information about Evlox? Click here!

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