PG DENIM starts from Milan to take on the premium market

“Ciao Milano”, the new edition of the Denim Première Vision show held for the first time in Milan on May 28 and 29, includes an ambitious project created by Paolo Gnutti of PG DENIM.

The thousand faces of denim: multiplying collections to “shape” the market;

The A-W 20/21 collection by PG DENIM is marked by all the passion and research of the company’s history and skills. Several new capsule collections based on a surprising and ground-breaking, approach are in the works at PG Denim, with a range featuring cutting-edge style interpretations.

The Garage Denim

GARAGE DENIM: the metallic hues of ’50s and ‘60s cars inspire this collection. Colourful glitter pasted on very dark fabric backgrounds creates an imperceptible painted effect resulting in truly customised denim. Bright, flashy laminated effects dominate these cool and highly original proposals.


In contrast, the SAMITE range is entirely inspired by the ancient technique of samite fabrics, used in the Middle Ages to produce heavy velvet-like silk drapes and luxury clothing. This technique led to the idea to combine samite with viscose flock, to virtually follow the silk road.

The Gala Denim

New proposals also include the GALA DENIM collection, with an indigo and black denim fabric where the wefts are made from real silver thread, for smart and stylish garments with endless potential uses.

The Denim

The ideal close to the ‘excellence’ experimental direction introduced by Gnutti is THE DENIM, a new line whose path starts from the most traditional Japanese raw fabric, through the jeans of America and Northern Europe, reaching all the way to Africa, and which tells the story of a truly authentic denim.

Increasingly “circular” dyeing processes

Innovations at PG DENIM include investments into recovery and reuse processes for fabric finishing, which reduces water use by 75% and chemical use by 35%, thus cutting energy costs by 20% and CO2 emissions by 70%. It’s all part of the underlying philosophy of the company’s green innovations, which comprises four basic principles: reduce, recover, reuse, recycle.

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