Prosperity Textile: The new indigo shades!

Prosperity Textile is a Chinese denim mill in business since 1999. The best denim makers all have one thing in common: they can create denim that speaks to people. To make an evocative premium denim, the ingredients are straightforward: the best cotton and the truest indigo. Innovation brings it to the next level. This is their art and this is their science. Combining the best of the East and the West, Prosperity Textile is able to innovate from fibre to fabric.

Here is an overview of Prosperity Textile’s new collection. The company will be present next December 5th and 6th at Denim Première Vision in the heart of the trendy Shoreditch.


Prosperity Textile - indigo shades


Prosperity Textile - collection

The new indigo shades

Some really nice new indigo shades have been developed for the new season at Prosperity Textile. From a rich and pure indigo Eden Blue with beautiful mid-tone wash down performance, to the brighter Bermuda Blue indigo shade and a low-dip vintage cast: Crystal Blue.

There’s something for every taste!

Furthermore, the company is using a set of new fibres to make denim cooler in summer. By using Jade-inside fibre with nano-particle grinding and compact formula technology, their Hydra Denim offers an instant cooling touch to fabric and lowers surface temperature.

Finally, another inspiring ingredient is achieved by combining ocean collagen peptide amino acid with cellulose fibre through a supramolecular technology. This “beauty denim” technology is skin-friendly, with higher moisture regain on fabric.

For a  deeper look at Prosperity Textile’s collection, rendezvous on December 5th and 6th in The Old Truman Brewery, London.

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More info about Prosperity Textile just here!

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