Raymond UCO collection goes high with “LOW AQUA”

Raymond UCO will be one of us next week, before you meet the team, have a look on the new collection! This season Raymond UCO brings a collection of denim in all its spectacular diversity adhering to varied lifestyles of their customers from technical to classical heritage.



  • The major thrust of this collection is on Eco friendly sustainable products.
  • The LOW AQUA range launched recently considerably reduces water consumption during dyeing process.
  • The Salt-free range completely eliminates use of salt and brings down the load on effluent.
  • The other highlight of this collection are products made from PCW (post consumer waste) cotton to decrease dependence on natural resources which not only reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials blut also reduces load on “conventional” waste disposal processes keeping the environment clean.
  • Raymond UCO has achieved saving of 250 million liters of water per annum by recycling 97% of water used in manufacturing.



  • A collection of classic denim with a contemporary feel for the true denim connoisseur .
  • The VINTAGE collection brings a sharp edge to wearing denim like never before where the fashion is moving back to 70s in terms of colour, subtle slubs, salt & pepper and marbly look.
  • The cast and colour features palette that are bold enough to stand on their own or can be combined to make a powerful statement.



  • A wide range of super-stretch denims with super soft hand feel provide the ultimate in comfort and free-movement.
  • Fitted and flexible with enhanced performance, the FLUID denims give enhanced movement and ease with a sophisticated look to your wardrobe through use of the latest technology in spinning and weaving.



  • The trend highlight comprises of DRAPEY denims, a range ideal for those who like to keep things simple, strict & streamlined.
  • These soothe the senses with a balanced palette and easy shapes. Perfect for loose fitting and oversized styles.



  • The 360 DEGREE category of fabric puts together tradition and easy wearability.
  • A range of denims with four way elasticity exhibiting sense of freedom of movement to meet the needs of the modern urban consumer forms integral part of this collection.

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