Reborn from “Mottainai Waste” by Kurabo

Founded in 1888,  KURABO is one of the few remaining cotton spinning companies in Japan today.
Joins them again this year at the next Denim Première Vision Show on the 3rd and 4th December in London.

LooPLUS is a sustainability project in which sewing off-cuts are used for raw material for new products.

Did you know that there is always “cutting waste” when making clothes?

KURABO is addressing waste with a  “Mottainai” approach, using technology and ideas to create from it something new with value, in an effort to contribute to a continuous recycling-oriented society.

The reality of “Mottainai Waste” when making clothes.

When making clothes, about 15% of fabric becomes cutting waste. In other words, when seven shirts are made, one entire shirt of fabric is wasted. This entire quantity of off-cut waste is disposed of without being reused.

“Green loop” created by KURABO.

KURABO uses its in-house re-carding technology to upcycle this “Mottainai Waste” into reborn products.


Unique: KURABO uses a mix of colours from different fabric fibres. This creates a unique and warm handcrafted look.

Versatile: by drawing on the company’s own resources, the company pioneers the upcycling system for the next generation.

Sustainable: by using their resources, we are leading the upcycle system to the next generation.

Come to Denim Première Vision Show in London this 3rd and 4th December 2019 to discover their newest ideas and looks.

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