Sustainability Philisophy Reflects on Kilim Denim Products

Kilim Denim, Turkey’s first denim factory, has maintained its presence in the industry for 32 years. Kilim Denim started manufacturing denim some 80 years ago, and was founded by Mehmet Kilimci, who was well-versed in the tradition of commerce in Anatolia. Led by four partners, the company manufactured in Edirne with a focus on wool yarns and fabric manufacturing in addition to exports.


  • Natural & permanent softness
  • High-performance
  • Attractive original denim look

SHAPE CORE – WOMEN’S, A High-Performance Concept

It isn’t easy to find a real denim look with power and strength. Normally you can find a more artificial look, resembling an attached on a sateen-weave structure.

This concept includes the following features:

  • Original/ real denim look
  • Better performance
  • Suitable for skinny fit
  • Natural softness / handle (refined yarn, regenerated fibres, structured softness) without the use of chemicals and with a permanent softness.


  • Comfortability
  • Masculine look
  • Easy-wear feeling
  • Skinny fit

VINTAGE SHAPING  – MEN’S (Masculine Stretch)

The main idea here is to give flexibility and ease of motion to men’s denims. A new structure is created to ensure the masculine rigid look, and at the same time permit freedom of movement.


  •  no red lines and invisible backside
  •  High-performance (40%+ elasticity)
  •  Dualcore form to improve recovery


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