Sustainable Fabric Concepts By MBlue

M BLUETM is one of the top players in woven apparel fabrics in Turkey. The company believes in integrity, progress and innovation at all stages of production and collections. The global fashion world is currently redefining itself with the notion and awareness of sustainability, aiming to impart a consciousness about the careful use of resources, with natural aspects.

M BLUETM has created 2 main concepts for their collections, to contribute to this new era. Come and meet them at the Denim Première Vision show on December 3 and 4, 2019 in London.




Denims and flat-woven fabrics blended with re-cycled fibres. The concept stands by the idea of both pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste being re-processed and recycled back into fashion where they belong. Careful designed and trend-setting M BlueTM  fabric collections have already made a great global impact and been appreciated by many international brands. Back in the GameTM products come with international certifications of recycled textile products such as GRS and RCS. All Back in the GameTM products reflect the recognized high-quality of M BlueTM.





This is a strong solution to unwanted body odours. This technology uses special anti-bacterial micro-layer polymers that lock odours inside the fabric structure and prevent them from flowing in the air.

Sustainable fabric concepts



The name stands for “Organic Cotton”. These are the finest denims and non-denim woven apparel fabrics using 100% or blended organic cotton. The core of sustainability comes from nature itself, where each element is part of a continuous life cycle without external intervention. The M BlueTM fabric collection offers many choices both in denims and denim-look flat wovens with various organic structures.  The minimum percentage of organic fibres used in these fabrics is 55%. Promotional garments made with ORCOTM fabric lines are washed using exclusively sustainable techniques, in keeping with their nature.

Innovative & functional fabrics



The Thermal BalanceTM finishing process enables the surplus thermal energy in the human body to be locked in though micro-capsules, stored, and then reflected back to the body when needed in order to maintain the proper body temperatures in cold weather conditions. In daily activities like walking from your car to a restaurant, your body temperature is protected for up to two minutes, which is more than enough. And in tough winter conditions, you don’t need to compromise on style. The finish can be physically sensed, and temperature shifts can be observed by infrared cameras.


Lanolin is a natural fat extracted from animal fur after tagging. It’s mainly used in cosmetics and dermatology as a natural moisturizing-control agent. M BlueTM  uses a finishing process to adapt this extract to fabrics, to offer excellent trans-epidermal and water retention properties in outfits.


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