Wraptech by Naveena!

Did you ever wonder…

…where the rhythm of the city starts?

We were prensenting you Naveena Denim Mill, now discover their new collection!
Naveena is proud to introduce Wraptech, their high quality smart stretch fabrics suitable for both active and the fashion-conscience lifestyles.

Wraptech is one of their most versatile denim which can be dressed up or down, smart or casual, with a high flexibility to maximize your performance throughout the day, prioritizing comfort and freedom of movement…in style.

Wraptech – High flexibility to maximize your performance

Naveena’s special technology to create high quality stretch fabrics to achieve multi-fiber properties of strength, elasticity and comfort, Wraptech provides maximum shape retention, improved fabric growth, high recovery values without compromising comfort and flexibility. With no elastane breakages after distortion, it impedes puckering issues on seam areas.

Busy city life, running from one thing to another, no time to change after work…Does it sound familiar?

The rhythm of the city starts with you. 

Just flow with the city. Wraptech will handle the rest.

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