L’Aperitivo: a typical Milanese evening

Your May 28th evening is already booked…

After a first day of combing through all the new denim collections and latest trends, let’s relax and catch the last rays of sun together in the beautiful garden of the Superstudio Più.

Join us for a typical Milanese evening: L’Aperitivo!
Tuesday 28 May at 6.30 pm in the Superstudio Più garden


What happens when a jazz dj and a foodie chef come up with nostalgia?


This is an immersive, jazz-based, fun-packed, Tuesday Evening Party filled with Italian farmer-foodie culture, dirty/delicious drinks and topped up with a DJ set  – all in the company of amazing friends!
L’Aperitivo is one of Denim PV trendiest evening time parties and a revitalizing formula inspired by the friendly atmosphere of traditional community meals: here is where you can share drinks, meals, hope and a sense of connection.
For centuries rural communities have gathered over home-cooked meals and food sharing to enhance human relationships and the flow of information. Today 5.0 societies are being built on the old brotherrhood sense that points towards a new paradigm shift: from individual people to connected humans.

L’Aperitivo kick-starts with an open-bar session where you can get shares of Spritz Passerina, terroir wines and drought beers as guests eat and vibe to jazz throwbacks and retro nostalgia. The food station offers you fresh, real and clean food including mouth-watering recipes, such as the stuffed and fried Ascolana olives, prepared by the chef David Vitelli. This party then shifts gear as our eclectic DJ Alessio Berto injects the sound to get the show on.

The music: the tailor plays jazz

Alessio Berto’s soundtrack features a retro nostalgic DJ set to bring you the best in 1960s and 70s flavours of groovy jazz. He combines a soulful mix of music styles from world finest purveyors of latin bossa and rare library music up to contemporary electronic jazz, entangled by a foundational sense of unity.

Alessio Berto

The food: David Vitelli Chef

Sourcing the freshest ingredients directly from the farms is crucial to David Vitelli chef but equally so is the attention to detail involved in the careful preparation of home-cooked-style pasta and old family recipes. Guests can also delight in arguably one of the best seasonal eats in Italy paired with Le Marche regional wines: sparkling Passerina Brut, white Pecorino and red Rosso Piceno.

The menu

Italian pasta

Stuffed and fried Ascolana olives

Fried sweet custard cubes

Panini with roast pork and tomatos

Focaccia with hand cut ham from herds of Apennine mountains

Dessert …..



Let’s dance!
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