Unreal But Real, by Flavio Lucchini

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Take time out from the Milanese edition of Denim Premiere Vision to discover a side exhibition in the Superstudio Pùi made by an Italian artist who distinguishes himself with the originality and modernity in his graphic work.

After the opening at the Milan Design Week, the experience continues at Superstudio. Come and discover Flavio Lucchini’s Unreal But Real exhibition both physical and virtual, during Denim Première Vision show on May 28th and 29th.

Curated by Gisella Borioli, with technology by Sense – immaterial Reality

MyOwnGallery – Superstudio Più – Via Tortona 27bis, Milan

until 30 May 2019

Monday to Friday: 10.00 am to 1 pm | 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

(other times by appointment)

free entry

After the opening of the Unreal but real exhibition during Superdesign Show 2019 with an international audience of art and design enthusiasts, the immaterial sculptures of Flavio Lucchini return to invade another space of Superstudio, the MyOwnGallery, this time in one close and related dialogue with the material sculptures and the artist’s paintings.

Unreal but real, the exhibit that does not exist, to be seen through a smartphone or tablet. The immaterial Toys of Flavio Lucchini, large sculptures of overlapping cubes like gigantic colorful toys, are photographed with the inevitable smartphone and immortalize themselves forever, but in reality they do not exist. They are born as small real maquettes designed by the artist but turn into unreal monuments through the technology of Sense – immaterial Reality.

Simply download the App and frame the area indicated by the art-marker. And here is a sculpture by Flavio Lucchini. To contemplate, study in detail, walk around, take pictures with his real copy and, of course, share on social media.

Download the App:




About Flavio Lucchini

Flavio Lucchini was born in Mantova, he attended the Faculty of Architecture in Venice and the Brera Arts Academy in Milan. Since very young he distinguishes himself with the originality and modernity in his graphic work. He moves to Milan, creates and leads to success the most innovative Italian fashion magazines  (from Amica to Vogue Italia to Donna and many more), he discovers new talents of photography, graphics, journalists and inaugurates on his magazines all the greatest designers.

In 1990 he leaves all his important commissions to dedicate himself exclusively to art. With one particular mission: remove the concepts of ephemeral from fashion and make it eternal, exploring, examining, through his Dress Art the mystery of women dress. Many of his sculptures are comparable to design projects.

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About sense– Immaterial reality

SENSE – immaterial Reality, is the new company that, with its exclusive technology, creates multisensory experiences of great emotional value: you with your smartphone are immersed in a space where “real” reality is not distinguished from virtual, immaterial reality. Culture and art, fashion and luxury, great events and advertising find in Sense a new form of expression: smartphones and tablets become our new “eye”, immaterial objects appear as if by magic with all their characteristics and dynamics. The distance from your friends is annulled and the emotion is shared. Sense – immaterial Reality: Augment Your Life!!

The company Sens will also be present at the Denim show for a demonstration.



To discover more about Milan, it is here!

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