Bossa A19W20 Collection

Modern Classic

Bossa 1


Unisex! It is the word that explain completely this concept. Originals jeans look with scents from 80’s and 90’s but with modern touch, new technologies and innovative contents, keeping the roots in the denim heritage. Authentic look, power stretch and comfort stretch articles, for him and her together. X-play articles that enables move comfortably by multiway stretch. These denims are multi functional for every style, every gender. Man skinny fits, boyfriend jeans, mom’s jeans, wide leg pants, coats and jackets… etc.

 Blue Suede

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What’s softer, more comfortable and cozy than suede? Denims are created to be extra soft, warm, ultra stretch. Wearing jeans made with these innovatives fabrics gives a feeling of relax and well being. Soft fiber blends, brushed effects, high elasticity, new technologies are the key points. Tencel, modal, new hollow fibers, new spinning and weaving technics, the story of softness; japanese “miyabi” fiber blended articles, all together have the purpose to develop the most comfortable denims.
Subgroups of “Blue Suede” concept are:
HYBRID DENIM: Blend such as tencel, modal and miyabi
DEER SKIN: Back and front side brushed articles for soft and flexible feeling

Sport ‘N’ Stripes

bossa 3

The big trend in the market is going toward sport/active garments to express fashion. Performing fabrics, colors, loose constructions, they are used for a common way to dress up. These denims are developed to fit in this fashion area.
Subgroups of “Sport’N’Stripes” concept are:
ACTIVE DENIM: Power stretch, high power stretch articles. Feel the freedom!
JEASKIN: Second skin high elastic fabrics!
The next generation skins of jeans with ultimate performance of denim!

Colors make up

Bossa 4

With creativity, know how and technologies, denims are created with huge variety of colors, shades, washing effects. Special dyeing methods, coatings and overdyes can develop a never ending color stream.

Jeans are not just and only blue!
Let’s analyse “Colors Make Up” concept with subgroups:
MAKE UP: Overdyed and pearl, color coated comfort and power stretch articles
DYEART: Colorful denims with winter inspirations

Keep it Clean

Bossa 5


Stustainability, clean production processes, reduce wastage of water and energy, not polluting, recycle, reuse, are all the concepts that take place in our DNA. We have committed ourselves in this concept since 2006, establishing RE-SET capsule collection. Each season, the collection evolved one step further. Consumption of organic/BCI cotton, usage of natural chemicals & dyestuff, achievment of manufacturing 100% recycled denim provide big contributions to the existence of the world. We aknowledge that it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle in order not to compromise the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.
So let’s continue to do our part. Meet the greener, stylish and innovative denims.

Post consumer denim! Denim is reborn in Bossa. Old denims are shredded into fibers and these fibers are used at the production of PCRD articles. Rigid and stretch selvedge articles. Saveblue articles! Special dyeing technique with less water consumption. Recycle and organic articles.

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