BOSSA will join us! Get a first look at the collection

Next May 23-24, Bossa will showcase a denim collection inspired by cultural trends for A19W20.

When Bossa start a new denim collection, they think about cultural trends and influences. They want to fit their denims in the consumers movements and directions. They create frames covering the different aspects of the denim trends. Bossa fill these frames with their ideas and innovations.

1 collection, 5 ranges


Original jeans look with scents from 80’s and 90’s but with modern touch, new technologies and innovative contents. Unisex is the word that explains completely this concept. Young generations want to express themselves in an unconventional and totally free way.

Soft fiber blends, brushed effects, high elasticity, new technologies are the key points.
Tencel, modal, new hollow fibers, new spinning and weaving technics, all together have the purpose to develop the most comfortable denims.

Special dyeing methods, coatings, overdye can develop a never ending color stream. Jeans are not just and only blue! With Bossa you can play with no limits.

Another big trend in the market is looking at sport/active garments
to express fashion. Performing fabrics, colors, loose constructions, they are used for a common way to dress up.

Sustainability, clean production processes,
reduce wastage of water and energy, not polluting, recycle, reuse, are all concepts in our DNA.

Discover Bossa’s eco friendly initiatives here

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