Calik Denim has taken a fresh jump forward in conquering the world of denim, with its new SS18 collection ‘Confluences’, that emphasizes performance, innovation, sustainability and creativity.

Confluences is defined as a combination of blue, with tales of human interaction, technology and creativity. Calik Denim collaborated with Eric Kvatek to visualize the stories behind Confluences. Calik elevated the creativity of its prominent concepts like Denovated, Knitrogene, Circular Elastech, Curve, Raw Stretch and Oxygene.

Calik Denim puts lots of efforts in the development of new technologies that are able to answer the market’s demand. The Knitrogene concept for instance, is based on the growing trends of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by this trend, the Calik engineers studied value-added products that are ultra-comfortable and soft, while maintaining the denim look. Knitrogene offers activewear with 360° elasticity. These products have functional features and are made for people with an active lifestyle.



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