Carte blanche to Lutz Huelle for A19W20

He has been given carte blanche for the A19W20 Denim PV fashion season.

His name: Lutz Huelle.

His fashion approach: “Decontextualisation”.

Meeting with  the designer.

After completing his Fashion Degree at London’s Central St Martin’s and a three-year stint as Designer working with Martin Margiela on his Artisanal and Knitwear Collections, Lutz launched his eponymous Label in Paris with partner David Ballu in 2000.

A twice winner of the ANDAM Award, the biggest Fashion Prize in France, and the Ackermann Pret-a-Porter Prize at GWAND in Lucerne, Switzerland, Lutz’ approach has been described as “Decontextualisation”: taking things out of context, reinventing ways to wear a classic wardrobe, working on structure, volume and identity.

A trenchcoat is draped to turn into a dress, vice versa a dress is cut in heavy cotton to be worn as a coat. Knits and Sweatshirts turn into outerwear, and a towel becomes an eveningdress.

His way of mixing and matching different genres and types of garments – Sportswear and Evening, Casual and Formal, Feminine and Masculine turned out to be prophetic- it has since become an integral part of the fashion landscape.

Lutz Huelle

You are collaborating with Denim PV for the May edition to come.  What is your relationship to denim?

Lutz Huelle: “Denim has always been extremely fascinating to me, both as a highly versatile and interesting material and as an important part of everybody’s wardrobe.

Today, with the changes in how Fashion is both conceived and consumed, the possibilies for denim as not only a material for casual Styles but also every other type of Collection or Garment have never been bigger or more important.

Collaborating with Denim Première Vision is, for me an incredibly interesting and exciting way to show how important and central to any Collection Denim has become, and that the possibilies for its use are endless.”

Lutz Huelle AW18

©Lutz Huelle – Gio Staiano

Lutz Huelle

©Lutz Huelle – Gio Staiano

Discover Lutz Huelle collections >

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