Have your Denim PV bag personalised by Giulio Miglietta!

About Giulio Miglietta

Based in East London Giulio Miglietta has carved out a niche in chain stitch embroidery, founded in a love of vintage motorcycle clubs and customised denim.

Working as an established illustrator he uses his drawing skills and imagination to create unique patch designs and bespoke commissions all stitched on a hand-operated chain stitch machine.

Giulio has been a part of a number of fashion and lifestyle live events and collaborated with leading names in the industry such as Adidas and Assembly Chopper Show.


During the show

Have your Denim PV bag personalised with free chain stitched monograms, by London-based chain stitcher Giulio Miglietta.

Throughout the show he will also be offering chain stitched monograms and names on your own garments for a small fee.

You will also have the chance to buy some of his limited edition, customisable hand-crafted chain stitched patches.




If you’d like to see a live demonstration of Giulio Miglietta’s work, join us on December 5th and 6th in London!

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