Denim: a whole story… Episode 1

Discover or rediscover the history of denim through the manufacturing stages


Episode 1.1Once upon a time there was this sturdy, functional, durable fabric for work wear, dyed in indigo, woven in robust twill, and it was called denim.

That was a long time ago.

Fast forward to the 21st century.

Denim has evolved, expanded and morphed into an extended range of fabrics…




And everything starts with the choice of cotton:

Episode 1.2 895 x 313

Cotton is still the core of denim. Specialists carefully blend different types of cotton for the best result.  Also, blends with other fibres are being made.

Blending for denim is an art. Each fabric-maker has its own recipe: the perfect blend for each client and for each product. A good blend and a cotton of quality will make perfect, strong, durable yarn that can be easily processed in the next stages of denim making.

When the blending is done, the material will be prepared for spinning. The cotton is cleaned and fibres that are too short will be eliminated. Once these processes are finished, the prepared blend – the tuft – is ready for spinning :

Episode 1.3 895x597

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