Full stretch: the ‘360 degree’ denims

New advanced technologies make it possible to create jeans that smoothly follow all movements of the body. With full stretch in all directions, these denims are entering the world of sportswear. An overview.

More and more of today’s jeans come in supple, flexible and lighter qualities. They offer a second-skin sensation thanks to the use of fabrics that effortlessly follow the movements of the body while remaining a perfect shape, all day long.

“There is a clear development in product performance, with fibres that have extreme elasticity”, explains Marion Foret, fashion product manager at Première Vision Paris. “Furthermore, the stretch capacity is exceptionally persistent; the fabric will always return to its original shape.” Far from the classic denims made of 100% cotton, this new generation of jeans is ready to enter the world of sportswear.





A material for the active

Suitable for cycling, dancing or skiing; these jeans target both the urbanite and the sports lover. It’s an innovative market that attracts many manufacturers. Chinese company Advance Denim develops second-skin fabrics that offer full ‘360 degree’ stretch. Its fabric imX has legging-like softness and elasticity. Other suppliers follow the same path. E-360° by Moroccan weaver Tavex guarantees maximum freedom of movement, thanks to a warp and weft that stretches in different directions. The same goes for Bossa Denim’s new line MX Jeans; it has a fixed cut that will keep its shape, no matter what.


The Turkish company Orta Anadolu promotes the idea that comfort shouldn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. Its Orta Comfort2 pushes the boundaries of comfort, performance and authenticity. These qualities are also present in the Dual FX line by Uco Raymond. With this line of super-stretch fabrics, Uco Raymond has managed to mix appearance with technology.

“This new market is very interesting to follow, because even though it requires a lot of initial research, it does not forget the importance of aesthetic and overall product appearance”, concludes Marion Foret.




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