Interview: Future is bright by Pascal Monfort

The Bold Masterclass “The Future is bright”
Wednesday 23rd May – 5pm to 6.30pm

More than ever the times are leaning to optimism, caring and a desire for freedom. Pascal Monfort, founder of REC Trendsmarketing, will break down this new spirit during a brand new Bold Masterclass at the show on Wednesday 23rd at 5pm. A peek at some of the insights to come.

It seems that joie de vivre is in the air?

Energy, optimism – these are the modern world’s new holy grails. More and more people are embracing this mind-set, a fluid modernity where every concern has to be turned into an opportunity. A lucky accident. One thing’s certain: everything has got to be transformed, called into question. And with a smile – no room for kill joys!

Is this also happening in fashion?

Yes, and the entire fashion universe is affected. Brands are changing their message and treating even the most serious subjects with a lighter, less moralising touch. In fashion images, we see the same transformation. Iconic photographers are losing ground to a new generation who are less pretentious and better adapted. In the creative domain, this is reflected by the emergence of colour. This very strong trend could even dethrone the sacrosanct black.

Are designers also changing mind-sets?

The nomination of Virgil Abloh at Vuitton marks the end of an era. It shows that now you can be head of a luxury fashion house without being a couturier. You just have to be one with the times, know celebrities, know who to surround yourself with, be creative and uncomplicated. At the moment we are seeing the deconsecration of everything that once seemed sacrosanct, almost written in stone.

And everything is a cause for optimism.

It’s really a moment for openness, the desire to see the positive side of things. Robots are only going to bring about good things, and so much the better if they replace thankless jobs and tasks. Digital isn’t the enemy of retail  – it’s an ally. Everyone has to find his or her role and it’s exhilarating because it works.

Is denim finding its rightful place in this favourable climate?

Once again it’s a superstar. Denim has always symbolised a desire for freedom, an appetite for life. Today, jeans brands are hopping on this major trend – they convey a spirit of lightness, optimism and creativity. With one major message: never feel sorry for yourself, forget what’s no longer necessary and posit yourself in a state of continuous reinvention. The times are about redefining everything: from the design of a house, to its operation and its message. And it’s all for the best…


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