Let’s talk about denim with Chiffon!

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the “Chiffon” offbeat fashion podcast, Valérie Tribes decided to play the interviewee’s game and answer questions carefully prepared by Igor Robinet, press manager at Première Vision, who came to represent Denim Première Vision.

A first time for the creator of “Chiffon” used to be the one who asks the questions. Her podcast was born from her desire to democratize fashion and to show that everyone can be an actor.

“I looked for the jeans of my life”

Valérie seems to have found the winning formula by attracting as many big names as anonymous and by gathering nearly 58 000 listeners per episode. Her passion for fashion was passed on to her by her mother and it is today with her daughter that she continues the tradition. As for style, Valerie wants to be at ease in her clothes, get out the tight dresses and suffocating collars and make way for jeans with the perfect fit and a pair of tennis shoes. And denim is sacred to her: “I looked for the jeans of my life, I put crazy sums in some American brands (…)”. If she finally found the one who made her heart beat without hurting her body, it is with joy that she accepted to be Denim Première Vision’s partner for this edition which will take place at the Parc Floral de Paris. The occasion to exchange on this inescapable of our dressing room, whether it is trendy or vintage!

Before joining us on May 23 & 24, come discover Valérie’s dressing room essentials and her vision of fashion in this unique podcast!


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