Nature is in the spotlight with Berto and Manifattura 1887

Berto is coming to Denim Première Vision for this A19W20 edition and he is proud to present you the new collection inspired by the Arctic.

The Berto and Manifattura 1887 Fall Winter 2019 collection is called URBAN ARCTIC, and it is inspired by the journey of Ronald Amundsen He was a Norwegian explorer who was the first to reach the South Pole, the first to make a ship voyage through the Northwest Passage, and one of the first to cross the Arctic by air. One of the greatest figures in the field of polar exploration.

The colours he encountered during his journey inspired their creative theme: starting from the wild nature, uncontaminated and not yet covered by ice Characterized by brown and green landscapes; going through boundless ice fields and endless seas, characterized by colours like whites, dark blues, light blues and lurex details that recall the shining of the sun over the ice. Finally during his journey he surely faced the wildlife of the South Pole: as the lion is the king of the Savannah, so the penguin is the symbol of the Antarctica. So, a white and black check fabric was born in their Urban Artic collection.

The Antarctic expedition inspired Berto even in terms of fabric constructions and compositions. Some fabrics in fact have been constructed in order to recall the images of the base camp equipment, and of the explorers’ clothes. This is translated into military weaves and dry hand fabrics. But wool and warm hands could not miss in a Fall winter collection inspired by a South Pole expedition: fabrics composed by wool combined with indigo are in fact going to complete our collection.



Check Berto’s website to get more informations!

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