Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 1

SMART CREATION, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

With Smart Creation, discover the latest products and global initiatives from key upstream players to help make the move to a more responsible fashion industry.

Twice monthly, on Wednesday, share the experience of a new guest who unveils a new generation of values combining creativity, innovation and sustainability.

For this very first episode we are meeting with Ricardo Silva from Tintex.


TINTEX was founded in 1998, in Portugal’s creative Porto region, in Europe. Its journey began with the development of high-quality jersey fabrics produced from natural and responsible fibres, using the latest, high-tech and most sustainable dyeing and finishing processes, its core expertise. This reinforces the company’s forward-looking vision to better supply the contemporary fashion, sport and lingerie markets.

Stay tuned, next episode Wednesday 29 May and focus on denim on Wednesday 12 & 26 June.

Discover and enjoy!

And to know everything about eco denim it’s around here!

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