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5 talks, 2 workshops, 15 denim experts

During the Digital Denim Week, we’ll dedicate 2 days – Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd Dec. – to a condensed & effective programme of 5 talks & 2 workshops led by denim experts.

Market opportunities & business perspectives, fashion trends,  eco‑responsible creation… Get the complete programme and register for each talk in just 1 click now!

DON’T MISS: our denim experts will be on hand at each session to answer all your questions in a live chat.

Opening conference with Vogue Business

The future of the denim market


Online talks

Laure Guilbault and her guests analyze future perspectives for the denim market, with a focus on the sustainable innovations and smart ideas flourishing amidst the crisis.

List of speakers to come

Denim Trends

S/S 22 denim fashion trends

Online talks

Presented by Manon Mangin, Product Manager at PV.

BLUE-SCAPE denim scenery

Online Talks

Presented by Lucia Rosin, Founder of Meidea.

Smart Talks


Online talks

Regenerative Organic Agriculture certification

With Elizabeth Whitlow – Executive Director at Regenerative Organic Alliance & Julian Lings – Senior Sustainability Manager for the North Face at VF.

Online talks

Let’s talk about blockchain

With Amit Gautam – CEO & founder of Textile Genesis™, Walfredo della Gherardesca – CEO & Co-founder Genuine Way & Gianluca Tacchella – CEO Carrera Jeans.

Presented by Giusy Bettoni – CEO of C.L.A.S.S. sustainable platform.

Denim Workshop: Fashion Stories

Online talks

In this 2-part workshop, Alessio Berto – The Tailor Pattern Support – will guide us through an inspiring story to discover the secrets of a unique and unforgettable item of fashion.

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