The Pianeta fabric by Berto


Most of the time you start a journey, then you come back. This was the distinctive feature of the Amundsen journey (that inspired Berto’s FW2019 collection) : it was a well prepared and well-equipped mission, so he was able to come back and to complete his expedition, alive and well.

Also, the journey is a CIRCLE, a circle around the planet. PIANETA (which means planet) is the fabric symbol of Berto’s circularity and sustainability.

In fact, the warp and the weft used to make these fabrics, come from their production waste. When the indigo dyeing process is stopped, there is an unavoidable production of waste: the yarn dyed coming out from the beginning and from the end of the line.  This waste is re-generated and transformed into a new yarn.

Berto uses this yarn to produce PIANETA fabric in warp and weft. They weave warp and weft, then they use over the yarn a natural sizeing and finally they finish the fabric with a new particular finishing process that permits a saving of -85% lt of water and -32% gr of CO2 emissions, respect to a standard finishing.

A 360-degrees sustainable production. One small step towards saving the PIANETA.



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