Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 12

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.
For this 12th episode, we are pleased to welcome Guido Zilli, who is in charge of the communication and sustainability at the italian tannery Gruppo Dani.

« Leather can also be seen as a sustainable product. We process an existing product from another sector: the meat sector or the diary sector. The leather sector from an historical perspective is a proactive agent in the framework of a circular economy. The origin of the product is important as we give value to an existing product from another sector. »

Dani is exhibiting at Première Vision Leather.

Dani identifies itself in the idea of sustainable management.
The following things exist in this idea: social and territorial inclusion, the protection of natural resources and investment return.

This obligation is clearly expressed by the logo: “Sustainable leather”, which directs strategic choices, daily behaviour, and the proposals created for our stakeholders.
Thanks to the innovative technology used, leather tanning now respects the environment.

By covering all the production cycle phases, Dani has implemented systems for efficiently managing natural resources and safely recovering by-products and waste.
Sustainability does not just mean satisfying legal limits. It also means finding innovative solutions that favour the environment, the people who work for Dani and the local communities.

All this is possible thanks to Dani’s collaborations with the companies in Arzignano: chemical companies, purification plants, machine producers and companies that recover and promote tannery by-products.



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