Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 5

SMART CREATION, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

For this 5th episode of Smart Creation, we met with Nicolò Zumaglini, he is the CEO at Lanificio Subalpino.


« I want to close the door to too much production, too much waste, too much chemical. »

At Lanificio Subalpino, textile has been a family story since 1940. The generations have shared the same values and a deep sense of detail to realize unique creations. The members of the team are working all together to propose the best quality in terms of fabrics and new innovative designs as the ones they are presenting for the next season. They will have a new range of fabrics for jackets, pants, coats and accessories. Prince of Wales, tartan, stripes, check, micro – structures in wool, cotton, wool and linen, cotton and stretch fabrics will be used.

Lanificio Subalpino is also proud to announce the development of Eco-Friendly fabrics with new interesting qualities!

To get more, check their website!


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