Eco-friendly workshop: The Smart Talk

During Denim PV next 23rd and 24th May, you’ll benefit from a program of comprehensive fashion workshops to give you all the keys of the denim trends to come!

Spotlight on the eco-friendly workshop!

From denim to denim, the future in a blue world
Wednesday 23rd, May at 3pm

In the future we will need to produce more and better in order to answer to the needs of the future generations and to respect the planet.
Will the denim value chain be ready for this challenge? Is the Circular Economy a possible answer?

With the guidance of Helene Smits in collaboration with Alliance for Responsible Denim a workshop that will look at the Circular Economy from the denim perspective.
We will analyze the actual facts and the future opportunities for the denim business from every perspective.
What does it means in practice? Materials, Design, Business models. Where are we as an industry? What are the struggles and opportunities for the future?

During a panel discussion that will involve stakeholders from the denim value chain we will create a moment of analysis with the auditors.

Helene Smits

Helene Smits
Circular fashion strategist | founder at Stating the Obvious

Helene builds on over 7 years of experience in Circular Economy and sustainable innovation. In 2014, she set up the Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy, dedicating herself exclusively to bringing circular economy principles to the textiles industry. 2 years ago she founded Stating the Obvious, an independent consultancy in this field, working on innovative projects in collaborative networks of brands, suppliers and other key stakeholders (including Recover, Circle Economy, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Fashion for good). She is currently one of the project leads for the Alliance for Responsible denim with a focus on recycled denim.

Alliance for responsible denim

The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) is an initiative from Made-By, Circle Economy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
ARD  brings denim brands together to collectively take steps towards improving the ecological sustainability impact of denim production.
These first steps include establishing measurements, benchmarks and standards for resource use (e.g. chemicals, water, energy) and recycled denim.
Although based in Amsterdam, ARD represents international denim brands and suppliers.

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Meet the panelists

Final list to come


Zoé Daemen
PR and CSR manager, Kuyichi

Kuyichi Pure Goods is a Dutch denim brand founded in 2001 who wants to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. After seeing the polluting cotton industry in Peru, Kuyichi started creating pure goods out of organic cotton. The most commonly worn product made of cotton is denim, that’s why they started making organic jeans. Kuyichi still chooses their suppliers and sustainable materials with care. Their style conscious denim has a clean look with signature details. Pure denim, pure goods.

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Lori DiVito
Professor and Chair of Collaborative Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Her research interests focus on understanding the dynamics of inter-organizational relations in the context of ecological and social sustainability. DiVito has published in international peer-reviewed journals including Research Policy, Long Range Planning and Journal of Business Venturing and presented her work at various academic and practitioner conferences in Europe and the USA. She received her PhD in Organisational Studies from Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester.


Tom Duhoux
Founder, HNST

Tom Duhoux is the founder of HNST and has a background in sustainable business development.

HNST, pronounce as ‘honest’, is a brand new Belgian label that launched its first denim collection last March, made out of 56% recycled denim fibres, 21% Tencel® and 23% Greek cotton. The recycled denim fibres were sourced from HNST’s ‘time to harvest’ collecting campaign, where more than 6000 pair of old denims were collected in the Antwerp region. The collection is designed according to circular economy principles and the entire production process from fibre to jeans takes place in the EU in a radical transparant way. The fabric used for this first collection is also made available for other brands.

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At the show, benefit from workshops & talks sessions and a brand new denim and fashion business Masterclass for free >

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