The Bold Masterclass: “The Future is Bright”

Bold Masterclass

A brand new one hour and a half denim and fashion business Masterclass held by Pascal Monfort, REC Trendsmarketing.

Wednesday 23rd // 5pm – 6.30pm
Followed by a “very happy hour”

The Future is bright
Embrace tomorrow with joy and optimism

“What if we dreamed while awake? (…) Let’s Live Without Filters and Without Regrets.” These are just some of the messages actual young people are conveying in a recent video broadcast by ASOS. It’s a time for joy and “everything is possible”.
The moment has rarely spanned so many smiles, so much sharing, freedom, colours and kindness!
Out with complaints, hardships are only fortuitous incidents and upsets only extraordinary opportunities. Rarely have questions found so many answers; rarely have doubts resulted in so many solutions.

During a 75-minute conference, REC Trendsmarketing sheds light on the fashion industry’s bright present, reminding us that denim fits in perfectly with this positive context … provided, of course, we approach things with optimism and creativity.
An in-depth investigation from macro trends to micro phenomena, benchmark examples and success stories around the world.

Be inspired, think out of the box, collect insights and inspiration, get solutions, network…
Made for those who want to step ahead: stylists, buyers, product managers, marketers, communications officers, brand managers…

Get a first taste! An exculsive interview with Pascal Monfort here >

Get the complete workshops, talks and masterclass program >

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