The Denim PV Revolution Manifesto

Denim Première Vision fuels the denim revolution
We push and pull, we like to stir things up
Revolution is in our genes
We’re making it, wearing it, living it
Every single day


Denim is the cloth of change
It carries the soul of daring innovators, of pioneers
The hard working ones and their rebellious offsprings
Pushing for change, embracing the new


The next revolution is well under way
Where design equals code and Virtual Reality is key
From warps and wefts down to zeros and ones
It’s denim, still, but not as we know it

Hackers and coders, they’re the new kids on the block
They question, they analyse and turn jeans inside-out
Changing the system with unexpected synergies
Trend-setting along the way


So strengthen your focus, re-set your base
Embrace the abstract and enter a new reality
Filled with innovation, vision, intelligence and creativity
Join the denim revolution

Join Denim Première Vision


Download the Manifesto poster

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