The fit

The power of a product is not only in its look. In addition to new trends (the return of the dark denim, the success of vintage), the big news in the industry comes from production and manufacturing. New technologies offer better ways to follow the body form. This denim evolution is called The Fit. A few years ago this was unthinkable, but now, denim has clearly entered a new era. “This new movement is part of the Well performance trend“, summarizes international denim expert Michelle Branch. “Here, technology plays an important role in adding unique features to the product.”


A perfect fit

Within this movement, the Perfect Fit line of Brazilian company Vicunha Textile, is a perfect example of combining technological advancement with fashion. It offers high performance denim, outstanding flexibility and great comfort.

For both men and women, pocket designs have been revised to obtain a butt-lifting effect. The waists have been adjusted (from mid to hi-rise) and the pockets have been repositioned to not only follow body form and movements in the best possible way, but also to eliminate imperfections.

“We are clearly entering the era of well being”, explains Thomas Dislich, Vicunha Textil’s Managing Director for Europe and Asia. “That’s why our future products are strongly focused in that direction.”



calik fit

The circular stretch Elastech from Calik Denim, enhances jeans with an elasticity that lasts over time and is machine washable. This powerful effect offers a soft way to tighten and sculpt the body. Women love the fact that it slims the waist with a few centimetres.

Every manufacturer has its own expertise to make THE perfect jeans. “It is unbelievable,” concludes Michelle Branch, “the young entrepreneurs behind Swiss label Selfnation have even developed an algorithm for the perfect fit. In nine clicks they can create perfect custom made jeans!”

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