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How to make a sustainable denim collection?

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Bossa will make it eco-friendly for A19W20! To be discovered in the Smart Square: recycled cotton, recycled fibers, new dyeing technologies, organic cotton, ecological and natural dyes

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Prosperity Textile

Prosperity is the first and only Chinese denim mill to launch the bluesign® approved denim fabric line. Bluesign testify to the environmental and social safety. These denim fabrics are made from bluesign® approved chemical products and raw materials and are produced in a resource conserving way with a minimum impact on people and the environment.

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Naveena Denim Mills

Naveena’s aim it to conciliate fashion and sustainability. They have been working on a very innovative project called Allydro. Allydro regroups four different lines of products, H2NO, Ecolean, Allydro Plus and Eternal Colors. Every single line has its own goal thinking in order to reduce its impact on the planet.

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Soko Chimica

Soko is one of the main player when responsibility comes to the washing side. For their new collection they introduced a new washing treatment called BIOCLEAN-SOKO. This initiative enables them to reduce dramatically the impact of dangerous chemicals, traditionally used in denim fabrics process, on workers and environment.

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As YKK expands its business, they are constantly creating new value based upon an awareness of regional and societal issues which is considerate of society and the environment. The YKK Group continues to implement CSR initiatives, and has set itself a target of 30% reduction in C02 emissions by 2030 in order to further expand these. YKK has been thinking on four innovative process which are : NATULON© Material recycled, NATULON© Chemically recycled, ELEMENTS COLORS and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)  Eco-friendly.


Arvind Limited

In response to sustainability issues, Arvind Limited came up with two collections: IKAT and ZERO. While IKAT is dealing with style and sustainability to create an innovative and original new kind of aesthetic, ZERO has been thinking to replace cotton into denim production. Denim solely woven in eco-friendly yarns like tencel, wool, Kapok, recycled & biodegradable polyester to name a few bring a plethora of benefits for end users.

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Soorty is coming to present 5 new fabric concepts for A19W20. Delange, Lux cotton, Zero waste water, Premium quality and Hybrid. Since 1983, they play an important role into international denim industry and they are now working on a sustainable process which will conciliate customers’ expectations and environmental issues.




Kassim want their denims to be a symbol of autonomy, heritage and individuality. Wearing a denim is not trivial, it is a way to etablish ourselves and a confluence between vintage and modern. Also, they make style and ecoresponsibility rhyme making their deep indigo denim with organic cotton and tencel !

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