Sustainability is one of the most important pillars at VICUNHA and has been the focus of all the Brazilian denim producer’s activities for more than ten years now: all VICUNHA denims are distinguished by 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. The recycling processes are so efficient that there is no waste at the end of the production phase. VICUNHA is the largest individual consumer of BCI cotton in the world. The fabric range also includes a series of styles made using three recycled PET bottles per metre and which require around 80% less water to produce. Launched this season, the ECO RECYCLE range of fabrics incorporates waste yarn which is recycled back into the spinning process to create new yarn. Available in in stretch and rigid variations it is surely the star of the new season. The key to success is in its uniformity and the consistency of the recycled yarn which is difficult to achieve.
However as VICUNHA create this in house under strict control, they are able to achieve exacting standards. The number of eco styles is continuing to increase and VICUNHA is reflecting this trend by continually further developing new technologies, using every piece of BCI cotton and using extensive recycling including new dyeing and finishing procedures. This is Eco power at its best!



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