Protection of creation

Copyrights and intellectual property

Première Vision which has been, 15 years ago, the first trade show to organize and afford a body specializing in advices and actions dedicated to the exhibitors and their buyers, takes a strong stand on copyrights and the theft of intellectual property.

Stolen patterns Copied designs Counterfeiting : Denim Première Vision’s Copyright Unit makes available a means for you to protect your creations, by providing you with the advice of professionals who are experts in apparel and textiles, and specialised attorneys.

An office of textile-apparel industry experts, is available for exhibitors and visitors to the shows forming Première Vision. Here they may seek information and advice concerning:

  • copyrighting patterns and models,
  • counterfeiting patterns and models,
  • drawing up contracts between designers and professionals,
  • and all questions touching on activities concerning the Textile-Apparel Industry.


During the Show: Copyright Unit ©, legal advice

During the Denim Première Vision show, meet the team of the Copyright Unit.

Première Vision reminds you that the “Copyright Unit”, made up of European experts and lawyers, together with a bailiff acting under the French legal system is at your service throughout the Denim Première Vision :

  • Legal advice free for consultations made at the Salon.
  • Legal advice payable In the case of the constitution of a file, starting a legal procedure, or suit, etc.
  • Legal procedures If necessary, following a request to the Tribunal, with the support of the bailiff present, legal procedures can be undertaken at the Salon or anywhere else. Thus the plaintiff, whatever his nationality, can benefit from the French law, which is particularly well adapted to deal with the protection of intellectual property rights.

Opening hours: 9.30 am > 6.30 pm