Focus on the new innovations and future developments of the Denim industry.

In partnership with SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL, Denim Première Vision is launching two 30-minute masterclasses daily, to decode and explore the industry’s latest innovations and coming developments. A great opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to discover new fuel for thought, boost their knowledge and gain inspiration not only from renowned denim-industry specialists, but also from experts internationally-recognised for their cutting-edge expertise in other domains.

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In 2013, Yann Queinnec has created with Pierre-Samuel Guedj Affectio Mutandi, the first advisory agency In social, normative and reputational strategies on ESG issues. At the confluence of stakeholders, it articulates CSR, Corporate Communication & Crisis, Public Affairs, Understanding of Legal Issues and Relations with NGOs

Yann has practiced 7 years as tax & legal adviser within Landwell & Partners before managing Sherpa association from 2005 to 2009. As such he used to represent NGOs in the various processes of CSR normative evolutions at the French, EU, UN, OECD and ISO levels.

After the Rana Plaza drama his expertise in CSR legal issues has been mobilized by the french OECD National Contact Point to feed recommandations on sustainable contracting in the Report on implementation of the OECD guidelines in the textile and clothing sector requested by the Minister of Foreign Trade.

He is former board member and trustee of Greenpeace France.

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